Friday, 6 February 2009

Acquisition Opportunity (Europe): Document Production Software Vendor

I said that from time to time I would be able to bring to you some M&A opportunities from this sector. Well here is the first. Should you have an interest and want to know more please contact me in strictest confidence:

Document production (assembly/composition) software vendor seeking acquisition. The market for document automation and production tools is growing tremendously. Companies like to increase and enhance the personal communication with their clients and put more emphasis than ever before on their communication processes. A recent survey indicated that 63% perceived document based communication as business critical for their organization whereas only 16% indicates having a “best of class” solution in place. Our client has taken advantage of this market by focusing strongly on having the most innovative and industrial strength solution in the market by focusing on the large insurance and banking companies. This has resulted in having >50% of the top 20 insurers and 30% of the top 10 banks in their domestic market as clients. Our client is now looking to expand outside their domestic marketplace via acquisition from a company that operates internationally.

Their solutions empower organizations to:-

  1. Automatically, create and personalise all business documents.
  2. Render the created output into all most formats such as Local print, Mass print, Web output, Fax/Mail etc.
  3. Deploy the system in a variety of environments for large enterprise systems (runs natively available on IBM OS/390, zOS, AIX, Unix, Linux, Sun Solaris and Windows servers).
  4. Access native data in databases such as Oracle, DB2 etc.
  5. Control every aspect of the document production whether batch or interactive productions based upon its internal workflow component.
  6. Flexible for end user but system controlled centrally (IT).
  7. Embed or integrate the system into their existing infrastructure or applications (black box).
  8. Fully web deployable

This solution covers the entire spectrum of document automation and can replace a myriad of solutions by one centrally managed system. Some of their clients have installations with >10,000 users (in operation since 2003). The company has an attractive list of clients and continues to win new deals with blue chip clients in central Europe. Typical deals are from €500K and upwards. If you feel this proposition might be of interest for, than please do not hesitate to contact me Mark at

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