Friday, 13 March 2009

Tridion Performance

Tridion (WCM player) was acquired by SDL for $94m in May 2007. Looking at SDL's year-end financial results I can see that Tridion saw revenue growth of 16% in 2008. Tridion’s revenues in 2008 were just under $49M which is not as high growth as they achieved in 2007 but still significant.

SDL Tridion now claims about 600 customers in total which is a solid increase up from the 500 a year ago. The company is strong in Europe, with its largest market in North America.

Web Content Management as I have mentioned previously is still performing despite economic pressures and there is more potential from this sector. There are opportunities to claim the high ground for an acquirer who is prepared to enter the WCM market strongly with focus and beat the less focused larger players who have acquired their way in to the sector.

Who has the appetite the strategy and the cash to make the splash in WCM?

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