Thursday, 1 October 2009

Document Centric BPO

Dell buys Perot Systems then Xerox buys ACS. Two deals in two weeks by two big players in the hardware business, moving into the BPO market, reflects the interest Document Boss have seen growing for BPO in the ECM, BPM market.

Five years ago Document Boss would not have bothered listing BPO in our positioning statement but now the document centric BPO sector is a big focus.

Looking back to the Hewlett-Packard buy-out of Electronic Data Systems Corp. for more than US$ 13 billion last year, maybe we are seeing the first signs of a pattern. The crystal ball gazers say the BPO market is expected to grow at 5% per annum. Well we all know how accurate the analysts in our industry have been over the years. Just go find some of their forecasts from five years ago if you want a chuckle but I predict that maybe they could be right for a change.

Oh my god! Does this now mean that I am also an analyst! Please no, help! Save me!!!!

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